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Metal machining
Wemeco has at its disposal modern machine park for machining steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
Assembled products
At the moment, starting cooperation consists not only in manufacturing constructions but also in assembling various additional elements in them is the key direction for Wemeco’s development.
Machine park
Wemeco has modern machine park at its disposal, which is constantly developed and consistently modernized.
Our experience
In this tab, you may get acquainted with the scope of our production-related competences as well as with the groups of products, which we currently manufacture and in which we specialize in.
About Wemeco
Metal machining
Assembled products
Machine park
Our experience
About Wemeco
Perfect quality for reasonable price.
Wemeco is a partnership and long-term cooperation oriented company.
We specialize in manufacturing products of steel, stainless steel and aluminium according to client’s documentation.
Before starting any production project, we carefully analyse Client’s product from the point of view of optimization of its production using our machines park as well as we consider expansion within the scope of cooperation with a given Client.
The whole process is executed in close communication with our potential Client. Thus, we are able to find equilibrium between perfect quality and reasonable price of deliverables.
Visit our company. Become our Client!
Become our Client!
There are many ways to contact us and start cooperation:
Sent an inquiry!
Send us a production documentation. We will carefully analyse it and check if we are able to manufacture your products at reasonable price. In case of any questions or doubts, our engineers will contact you. Having analysed the products, should we be able to present you an attractive offer, we will do so. Of course, if you find it necessary, before sending documentation to us, we are ready to conclude a confidentiality agreement regarding the know-how sent to us.
Visit our company!
Your are welcome to visit our company. We will be happy to present our production capacities, discuss potential cooperation and analyse together the scope of cooperation.
Invite us to your place!
We will be happy to visit you, where we could present our company, discuss your products, make notes, take samples, take necessary photos and think together on the terms of out cooperation.
Call us!
If any of the above options is not right – please call us. 
Together we will find the optimum way to make contact and cooperate.
Customer specified products

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