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Technical specialization
We specialize in steel, stainless steel and aluminium constructions.
Maximum weight of the construction, which we may manufacture is ca. 2.5 T of maximum dimensions 4 m x 3 m x 3 m.
Products encompassing the following production and logistic operations are the most common:
  • purchase of materials
  • as many production operation as possible (welding is a must)
  • surface treatment
  • gaining assembly components
  • assembly of purchased components
  • final inspections and specialist test
  • final packing
  • dispatch to our Client of final client
Each production project is individually considered, that is why the aforementioned features are only general indications concerning new products hunted by us.
Each new cooperation opportunity is subject to separate, thorough analysis. We often invest and develop ourselves, in order to meet demands of a given project and of the commitment: Perfect quality for reasonable price.
Cooperation model
Realization of our motto “Perfect quality for reasonable price” is possible thanks to the following conditions:
  1. Products are possible to manufacture by Wemeco or Wemeco will invest in order to manufacture such product
  2. Products are standard and will be ordered regularly
  3. Wemeco will provide as wide scope of services as possible: from the purchase of materials to assembly, and even delivery to final Client (the more operations we have or will have to do in the future, the better).
  4. Client has at least a few (optimum 10-50) products, which we will manufacture.
  5. Average production quantity of a given product is ca. 20 – 500 pieces per lot (depending on the size of the product, existence of exceptions)
  6. For a given Client, we manufacture the products made of two products selected from: steel, stainless steel, aluminium.
  7. Expected monthly turnover: 5 000-60 000 EUR.
  8. Conclusion of a written contract is favourable for both parties.
Relationship with each Client is individual, that is why the above mentioned assumptions are only general indications concerning new relationships that we look for.
We meet expectations of each Client in order to create a WIN-WIN situation.
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